Thursday, March 9, 2017

Back at it again: From Seeking a Path to The Barefoot Druid

Hello world.
After a few years break, I'm at a place where I want to write again about my spiritual journey... well, really my spiritual practice now... and other musings around Paganism, Druidry, my Avalonian path, Unitarian Universalism, Polytheism, or other interests of mine. Things like history, geography, pop culture, music, or books I'm reading might make their way into my musings. Maybe a poem or two might sneak in, it's a recent interest of mine.
From seeking a path to what has now become my spiritual journey and practice has been the result of several years of exploring, reading, questioning, and experiencing, to which I hope to share pieces as well over time. As appropriate of course, as we all know some things must be experienced. My goal in sharing is threefold: to share some of my experiences so others on a Pagan path know they are not alone, to commit to writing and practicing on a more regular basis, and to grow on my path by communicating with others out here on the interwebs. You can also follow me on Facebook.
So I hope to see you back again soon as I start to share more. Blessings on your own journeys until then.
Laura, the Barefoot Druid /|\
(aka Galena)

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